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Quick fat loss

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Product Size: 120 capsules

Adipolitik is a specific mix made up of 100 % high-efficiency natural elements which facilitate a quick loss of adipose mass without danger and without any negative impact on the adrenal glands.

The North-American diet is very poor in antioxidants and very weighted in sugar. In the long run, this type of diet has rendered the body very lazy and not very receptive to losing adipose mass. Indeed, adipose cells become more and more abundant and two key hormones essential to weight loss, adiponectin and leptin, have their secretion unsettled. This chaotic environment renders weight and appetite control nearly impossible without enormous sacrifices.

With the help of Mother Nature and a slight push from science, ATP has developed Adipolitik.

L-carnitine bitartrate

Carnitine has a very important role within the organism; it is required for transporting fatty acids towards the mitochondrion (cellular energy factory) during their decomposition. Carnitine as a supplement enables the increase of glucose oxidation and the reduction of insulin resistance, thus allowing for better control of glycemia, facilitating the loss of adipose mass.

The quantity of available carnitine in the human body is a limiting factor in regards to fatty acid oxidation. By reducing muscular glycolysis, it allows for more glycogen to remain in the muscle for promoting fatty acid oxidation as an energy source.

Green coffee beans

The extract from the non-roasted coffee bean is very similar to the coffee bean we know. The big difference is the level of chlorogenic acid content, which is much greater in the non-roasted green bean.

Indeed, chlorogenic acid diminishes the chances of developing diabetes by increasing the transport of glucose towards muscular tissue.  It also reduces glycemia on an empty stomach and favours weight loss by facilitating fatty acid oxidation.

Raspberry ketones

This phenolic compound, occurring naturally in minute amounts in raspberries, is really one of the new superstars for the loss and control of adipose mass. Indeed, its properties favour lipolysis (fat burner) and better fatty acid oxidation, and could even increase sensitivity to insulin and favour a higher level of leptin, this being the hormone that diminishes appetite and increases metabolism.  (Cortisom and Lipidrium 2.0 also optimize the level of leptin). Raspberry ketones favour the secretion of adiponectin, a hormone secreted by adipose tissue in certain situations, like when exposed to cold. The rate of adiponectin secretion drastically diminishes in obese individuals, which reduces the possible use of adipose tissue as an energy source.

Alpha-lipoic acid

The consumption of this fat and water-soluble antioxidant beyond compare has been known for its many health advantages for decades. Thanks to its action on one of the main cellular energy metabolism regulators (AMPK), it enables the increase of sensitivity to insulin, the reduction of triglyceride accumulation in the skeletal muscles, facilitates glycogen storage at the muscular level and increases oxidation of fatty acids.

Irvingia gabonensis (Wild mango tree) (seed)

The seed of the wild mango tree is becoming more and more popular for favoring weight loss and maintaining good health.  Its effects on adiponectin and leptin are indeed very interesting. The consumption of this extract is purported to increase sensitivity to leptin as well as insulin.  It allows to reduce the conversion of glucose into triglycerides by inhibiting glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase (the necessary enzyme for converting glucose into triglycerides for storage in adipocytes).

Chromium picolinate

A trace-element present in minute amounts with enormous benefits. This little health giant helps reduce insulin levels, positively influence carbohydrate, lipid and protein metabolism and increase sensitivity to insulin.

Saigon cinnamon extract

This spice with the divine aroma, which recalls all of our dream desserts, turns out to be a health champion. It has been shown that its regular consumption increases the transport of glucose and would favour a more stable glycemia, thus reducing sugar cravings. It also reduces blood triglycerides as well as bad cholesterol (LDL). Furthermore, it is a very powerful antioxidant.


Additional information:

  1. Helps optimize fat loss.
    Fat-burning mechanisms rely on making sure the right pieces of our metabolism are working well. To burn fat for energy, the body has to be allowed to take fatty acids from storage and transport them to the mitochondria, the “cellular power-plant.” Adipolitik helps this process by supplying L-Carnitine—the EXACT amino acid needed to transport fat to be burned for energy!
  2. Helps improve insulin sensitivity.
    Insulin sensitivity is proportionally related to how well the body burns fat. So, the more insulin sensitive they are, the better our bodies burn fat for energy. This is because we have better control over our blood sugar levels. Adipolitik helps maximize this by synergistically affecting this pathway. Saigon cinnamon, which has been used as a culinary spice for thousands of years, has a unique ability to slow down the speed of carbohydrate digestion and therefore the rise of blood sugar levels. Studies have shown green coffee bean and wild mango extract—two new botanical superstars—to help improve insulin action at the cellular site.
  3. Promotes glucose tolerance.
    It’s one thing for sugar to get into the cells, it’s another for the body to efficiently use it for energy! This metabolic process relies on co-factors, typically minerals or vitamins. Chromium is one essential mineral needed for glucose metabolism. It works by improving the functioning of small glucose transporters in the cells so these transporters can do a better job of bringing sugar into the cell when insulin has been released. This means more sugar ends up burned for energy than converted and stored as fat.
  4. Improves hormone profiles.
    To promote fat metabolism, the optimal functioning of insulin, leptin, adiponectin and glucagon have to be promoted. If we promote the excessive release of one, we cause an imbalance in the body. Big issues arise when excessive insulin release causes greater insulin resistance (i.e., its ability to signal is less effective). This promotes more fat storage because fat cannot be burned for energy in a high-insulin environment. The result is the release of more letpin, a hormone that helps regulate appetite. But if the body loses its sensitivity to leptin too, the issue is compounded and fat loss becomes even more difficult. The Adipolitik formula helps improve the body’s utilization of these hormones’ signals preventatively and for healthy metabolism.
  5. Saves your adrenals.
    Most fat “burners” aren’t actually formulated synergistically to optimize fat burning pathways! Instead, they stimulate the nervous system to use more energy. In the short-term, this will lead to fat loss. However, when these stimulants are used over the long‑term, they can push things the wrong way! Chronic use can cause a stress response (the release of adrenalin and cortisol). Stress wastes muscle (not good for metabolism) and imbalances blood sugar (potentially leading hypoglycemia). When the endocrine system (hormones) and nervous system are imbalanced over the long‑term, fat storage is actually promoted! Since Adipolitik is a non-stimulant fat burner (only 4mg of caffeine per 4 capsules) and optimizes metabolic function instead of over expending energy, its long-term use is not an issue.