Don't fear the future. Don't regret the past.

"Don't fear the future and don't regret the past."

This seems like an easy aphorism to apply to life, but never really has the impact it should as everyone inevitably thinks about the choices they made. However, if we think about it in terms of bettering ourselves in the gym, rarely do we find anyone who regrets where they started and instead embraces all aspects of progress, including the choices they have made, that took them from the place where they may have thought less of themselves.

Life shouldn't be any different. So no matter what you do, every decision and subsequent outcome is simply the sum of every prior decision you have ever made. Hence, every decision you made was the "right" one and everything that happened after that was supposed to happen so you can be the person you are. So live your life and never look back because it's all working out how it was meant to be.

Stay Strong