Detoxing Estrogens

Generally women are interested in losing fat on the buttocks and hips. These areas are often associated with a malfunction of the various mechanisms of estrogen detoxification. 

Coaches, and nutritionists alike who are aware of this phenomenon will often resort to dietary supplements to solve this problem. Some are excellent, others less so, especially the cheap imitations. This strategy should be part of a broader set of interventions which include curtailing certain life habits and specifically on improving nutritional habits. 

Most people often forget the basics, it is far easier to have an expert tell you to take 2 capsules per meal of product x than it would be to use a method that is less fashionable, like taking fiber.

Fiber, for a better butt?!? Yes

The body produces hormones which in turn must be recovered or excreted (out of the body). In the case of estrogen, most are excreted in the stool and the availability of fiber is part of the process. Think of it as a kind of magnet for your body to rid itself of unneeded hormones. Without a good intake of fiber you cannot receive the full benefits from supplements such as DIM or Calcium-D-Glucarate.

The best way to approach this, just as with any weight loss process, is through the diet. We know that vegetables from the brassica family are not only rich in fiber, but most contain a host of beneficial molecules for overall optimal health. Therefore the first step should be to gradually increase the consumption of brassica vegetables which will facilitate a greater supply of fiber, thus eliminating unwanted accumulation of fat.