12 Clinical Pearls from Dr. Rakowski

1. People who thrive are the ones that make and metabolize acids correctly. Acid can be your friend if you manage it properly.

2. Here is a pearl from Dr. Rakowski, he showed a scientific paper on B12 absorption and brain aging. If you don't absorb B12, your brain ages 617% faster! As I have stated before, the greatest impact of not testing your HCl levels is compromising your brain health.

3. Growth hormone is a significant anti-depressant. Deep sleep is the real way to achieve optimal growth hormone levels.

4. The major benefit of using Arginine is boosting growth hormone during effort, besides boosting NO2.

5. Only fat people make too much estrogen.

6. People who have elevated triglycerides have low levels of growth hormone.

7. The body ignores constant stimuli. Changing everything constantly is one of the keys to success whether we are talking about training, diet, or supplements.

8. Brain derived neurotrophic factor is a strong anti-depressant produced by exercise that induces lactic acid production.

9. Learning improves 20% after exercise. Why are we canning Physical Education classes?

9. Charlie Chaplin fathered a child when he was 80. Sexual dysfunction is rampant because people are simply unhealthy.

10. Low-grade systemic inflammation (metaflammation) is associated with obesity, insulin resistance and chronic disease (Brithish Journal of Nutrition (2009)  102, 1238-1242

11. Friends do not let friends get fat.

12. Sleep is your most powerful anti-inflammatory agent